Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages – Songs of a Tortured Soul

My mother is a moaner. She wakes up she moans, before she sleeps she moans.

I can’t remember the last time she went a full day without moaning.

Her moans are loud roars that bounce off the walls and when she’s in a bad mood the whole house knows.

I wonder what happened to make her so bitter? What was the thing that broke inside of her, that turned off her light?

Was there ever a time when she would wake singing songs of joy?

What happened to her smile? Years of negativity have etched a permanent scowl across her face.

Her eyes are the deceivers, you can tell that deep down, locked inside her, trapped by years of hurt, an innocent and pure soul is trying to escape.

It yearns to be free, to knock down the walls that have been built up. This facade. To cast away this intruder.

But until that day, whilst it lays in wait, my mother continues on with her tirade of moans. Moaning from sunrise to sunset.


Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages – Your Smile

A smile can tell a thousand words. Well your smile can tell a thousand more. In fact your smile can tell a story, a whole book.

When I see that huge smile creep up on your face, a sense of calmness runs through me. It makes me feel safe.

I want to wrap myself in the comfort blanket of your smile. Dance in this moment forever.

Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages 7

This piece is from a writing exercise where I tried to write an opening to a story without a character making an appearance.

It was a normal cold January morning. The traffic from the rush hour had started to die down and there were less cars on the road. The temperature that had previously been -2 degrees was now rising at was at a steady 1 degree.

The wind danced upon the trees, making the leaves shiver as it passed by. Shop shutters were opening and the street lights were turning off.

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Writers Corner: Morning Pages 5

It was time to end it. I knew that it was. But why did it hurt so much? Why did I feel like I was going to lose a part of my body, a part of my being?
I wasn’t happy. Being with her was killing my soul. I wasn’t myself anymore. I wasn’t that person I had been.

Where loved once lived, hate and resentment were growing. They were growing so fast that just being around her was pure torture.

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Writers Corner: Morning Pages 3

Who knows why I did it. I don’t even know.

As I stood there wiping my hands on my jeans I exhaled. The cold air bit into my skin. But on the inside I felt numb. I continued walking battling through the night making my way towards the exit. But it felt as if I was in a never ending maze. I passed tree upon tree each tree looking the same playing and toying with me as if to make me believe that I was going in circles.

My feet ached and my legs felt heavy, yet I carried on. Nothing could stop me from reaching my goal.

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