Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages – Your Smile

A smile can tell a thousand words. Well your smile can tell a thousand more. In fact your smile can tell a story, a whole book.

When I see that huge smile creep up on your face, a sense of calmness runs through me. It makes me feel safe.

I want to wrap myself in the comfort blanket of your smile. Dance in this moment forever.

Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages 7

This piece is from a writing exercise where I tried to write an opening to a story without a character making an appearance.

It was a normal cold January morning. The traffic from the rush hour had started to die down and there were less cars on the road. The temperature that had previously been -2 degrees was now rising at was at a steady 1 degree.

The wind danced upon the trees, making the leaves shiver as it passed by. Shop shutters were opening and the street lights were turning off.

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Writers Corner: Morning Pages 5

It was time to end it. I knew that it was. But why did it hurt so much? Why did I feel like I was going to lose a part of my body, a part of my being?
I wasn’t happy. Being with her was killing my soul. I wasn’t myself anymore. I wasn’t that person I had been.

Where loved once lived, hate and resentment were growing. They were growing so fast that just being around her was pure torture.

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Writers Corner: Morning Pages 3

Who knows why I did it. I don’t even know.

As I stood there wiping my hands on my jeans I exhaled. The cold air bit into my skin. But on the inside I felt numb. I continued walking battling through the night making my way towards the exit. But it felt as if I was in a never ending maze. I passed tree upon tree each tree looking the same playing and toying with me as if to make me believe that I was going in circles.

My feet ached and my legs felt heavy, yet I carried on. Nothing could stop me from reaching my goal.

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Writers Corner: Morning Pages 1

I have started to get severe writers block over that past couple of months, so I have challenged myself to start writing everyday from the moment that I wake up and just let it flow.

These pieces will all be mostly unedited and very random but it allows me to exercise my creativity without having a filter.

Here is one that I wrote this morning:

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