Those that have been following me on IG may have noticed that I have started cooking.


Say what!

Zee cooks!

Yes people I do cook. I just choose not to, because I hate cooking.

If I’m really honest It’s cos I’m just too damn lazy. It takes too long and then you have to clean up. I feel that my life could be better spent; i.e watching back to back episodes of the Law & Order universe.

“Sorry Mama I aint gonna catch me a man by being in the kitchen”.

People have this weird conception that if you don’t cook then, you can’t cook. Well let me stop you there I can cook. I’m not an A list chef or anything, my head aint that big; but I’ve been known to throw down. Those that have had the slim privilege to taste my wares can testify to that.

I’m  not here to lie and say that I’m a cooking convert, because I’m not. I still hate it. But in the past few months I have been stepping my game up and have produced a few new meals due to my HelloFresh boxes.

What follows are just a few meals I have made so far.

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Zee Tries… White Chocolate Pringles

When I went to La La Land, there were many culinary surprises one of them was White Chocolate Pringles. And of course I had to try them.

Watch me and my PIC @TayoJisi chow down on them.

Please don’t ask me why I said Olaudah Equiano, that’s a lack of black history education right there smh!