Zee Tries | Terry’s Chocolate Orange McFlurry | Z To The

Okay so I’ve been holding out on you.

I filmed a video way back in the festive season last year and totally forgot to post it.

Today you are in luck because I’ve only gone and uploaded it for you all to have a gander at.

I even put music in it.




Zee Tries: KitKat Senses Hazelnut

The quest to try all of the KitKats goes on and in this instalment of Zee Tries, I sample the KitKat delights from Dubai.


Why oh why do we not have this in the UK, Nestle if your reading this. Please I beg of you, please bring this flavour to the UK.

Zee Tries: Oloves Chilli and Garlic

So today I tried some olives.

I hate olives!

Olives should only be allowed in sub sandwiches, pizza and sometimes hidden in a salad.

I’m not gonna lie these olives were  actually okay. But at the end of the day an olive is an olive.

And I hate olives!

Zee Tries: Little Miracles – Black Tea with Ginseng, Peach, Açaí & Agave

So I’ve been on a new flex recently with Zee Tries and I have been sip sippin’ on a few beverages.

On today’s instalment I try a tea drink. Now those that know me, know I’m not very fond of tea. I have not had a cuppa tea (I’m talking your bog standard English tea with milk and two sugars), for over 15 years and that’s not including herbal tea; I’ve learnt to tolerate them but this does not mean I like them.

So with all that said, I was proper scared to try this out, so for the sake of you all I took one for the team and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Zee Tries: Copella Apple and Rhubarb

In this instalment of Zee Tries I check out Copella Apple & Rhubarb.

I have no idea when this graced the shelves of the supermarket, so I might be late to the party with this one. But as you all know that Copella is my wine of choice, so when I saw it in my local Tesco all big and shiny and calling out to me, I just had to try it!

Sip sip.

Zee Tries: What a Melon watermelon water

So everyone is on this bringing out a coconut water flex; so it’s nice that every now and then an individual pops up out of the cloud of sameness and introduces you to a new way of living.

Introducing ‘What A Melon’ watermelon drink, yeah I said it and yeah I didn’t stutter a watermelon water drink.

Watermelon water drink you say, but wait how is this possible? Well it is boys and girls and here is a vid of me sip sip sipping on it.


“I’ve been drinking watermelon…”

Please go and support What A Melon’s Virgin VOOM pitch by clicking here.

Zee Tries: a nakd bar

So I’ve been trying to cut down on my snacking and it’s a task that I’m finding hella hard to do.

Those who know me know that my love affair with crisps is a real issue.

Crisps, why can’t I quit you?!?!?!?

So I’ve started to  substitute my unhealthy snacks for alternatives.

First stop…

The nakd bar.

Zee Tries… White Chocolate Pringles

When I went to La La Land, there were many culinary surprises one of them was White Chocolate Pringles. And of course I had to try them.

Watch me and my PIC @TayoJisi chow down on them.

Please don’t ask me why I said Olaudah Equiano, that’s a lack of black history education right there smh!