keep-on-trying-1197550Try, try, try.

Fail, fail, fail.

I keep trying, but the more I try the harder I fail.

Sometimes I ponder on the point of even trying in the first place; because no matter how hard I try, failure is somewhere around the corner looking on, waiting for it’s moment to stop me.

At this point I’m tired.

I’m tired of trying.

Why should I have too?

Why can’t things just come to me with ease?

I try to tell myself, that the thing that you want is never easy to achieve. But the message is slowly starting to grate on me because it seems that I will never ever get the thing that I want.

That the things that I want are unattainable, unachievable.

When will things ever be good for me?

I’m a good person, right? I do good things, I’m nice to people, I’ve never done anything really really bad. So why do I keep drowning in bad things?

Why do bad things keep happening to me?

Why can’t I have a moment of happiness, without something creeping up on me to shake the happiness away?

I guess this is just my destiny. I just need to learn not to get my hopes up.

Happiness is not meant to live here.


Writer’s Corner: SMASH


All I see is red!

No actually it’s not even red that I see, it’s actually black and not black in all it’s shiny glory but in all it’s hatred.

I have no good thoughts anymore. All I want to do is hate. No longer am I the girl with the big smile and love and hope in her eyes.

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