black vintage typewriter

Cold and hungry and tired.

These thoughts fluttered through my mind more than I wanted them to.

They had started as soon as I had gotten in this morning and they had continued to accompany me for the best part of the day.

Cold, hungry and tired.

I wish someone would turn the fucking AC down! Why couldn’t we just open up a window? Why were people so god damn inconsiderate?

It’s like people got some form of kick out of messing around with the temperature. A battle til the death. Well it would be the death of me if someone didn’t turn it down soon.

And why couldn’t this fucking hour hurry up and finish? All I wanted to do was get my mouth around that juicy bagel that I had gotten up extra early to make. My mouth began to salivate as I thought about its creamy and salmony goodness. This hour needed to hurry up and finish, I was going out of my mind.

Images of my unmade bed, flashed before my eyes. Why oh, why had I decided to start a new television show. I was a diagnosed TV binger; why did I think that 11 o clock on a school night would be a great time to start a new series. I was kicking myself now as my eyes struggled to stay open.

On the subject of kicking, I wanted to kick my foot right through the face of Douglas. Douglas was the latest intern and right now he was hammering the fuck out of his laptop with his fingers. Was is so necessary to type so hard? We get it Douglas your a fast fucking typer, what the fuck do you want a reward. Typing was not going to get you a full time and paid job here, not even if you typed so hard your fingers started to bleed.

I sighed a long and frustrated sigh and gave him death stares behind his head. How I wish lasers were a function that my eyes had, so that I could bore two small holes into him and stop his keyboard bashing for good.

The big hand edged just that little bit closer to the 12. Nearly there.

So close.

Soon I’d be able to get out of this shit hole. Not for good though, just an hour. But to be fair it was better than nothing.

I turned my face back to my computer and stared into the abyss that was my work. This hour was never going to let up.

A shadow appeared above my desk. Lorna was here to rescue me.

I shut the lid of my laptop and got up, my smile embracing her with the biggest thank you of the day.

The great hour escape was about to commence.



The pain bit at my stomach, I wanted to claw at it until the pain disappeared.

Why was this happening to me, I screamed as I got in all fours and rocked softly from side to side.

Another stabbing pain attacked me and I curled my toes.

This was too much to bare, I knew that people went through this everyday, but that didn’t soothe the pain away.

If only I had been more careful then I wouldn’t be in the situation that I was in now.

Tears began to form at the corner of my eyes. I knew I shouldn’t have said yes to that second helping of food.

My stomach was a mess right now.