First Look at Sherlock Victorian Special

sherlock victorian

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back in a one off special that sees the Sherlock characters re-imagined in the Victorian era.

The trailer was revealed on July 9th at Comic-Con International.

Back in May Steven Moffat, revealed that the decision to do a Victorian special was simply due to his desire to see Holmes and Watson in their traditional era. “We’ve got, I think you can safely say, the Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson of a generation – we want to see them do it in the proper outfits, just once.”

The special is said to be unrelated to any of the mordern day episodes and is set to be released in cinemas sometime towards the end of the year.

I’m actually excited for this special, but I dunno about Sherlock, he feels quite different. The quirkiness that he usually has isn’t there and he seems too much of a gentleman; which is so un-Sherlock-like.

Here’s hoping that when it does hit the cinemas, (and hopefully to a smaller screen), so of his usual charm and whit returns.