Writer’s Corner: Finger Guns

bubble gun

When your back is turned I like to throw up my fuck you fingers. I keep throwing them up until a sense of euphoria trickles through me. It makes me feel powerful.

Most times I do it when I’m not in the same room as you. But on the odd occasion I like to do it when you’re near. The adrenaline kicks through me, will you turn around when I’m halfway through and catch me at it?

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Happy Valentine’s

I look into your deep brown pools and I feel myself being drawn into you.

It’s as if you have some form of hypnotic hold over me.

Your lips hover over mine. I can feel your hot breathe as it bounces on top of my lips.

You don’t speak a word but your eyes tell a story. They are screaming at a level that only my ears can hear.

They are hungry.

As if a magnet has finally given in your lips crash down upon mine.

The weight crushing down hard. I surrender under you turning into a flow of water.

Your mouth dances upon mine, exploring.

I melt into this moment. Wanting it to go on forever, never ever coming up for breathe.

Imma Star!


Okay, so I’m not a star disclaimer, but the other day I just happened to be on a film set, my first one might I add. (And it was a for a huge feature film, but I won’t say what it was until later).

And though I was not in a starring role, (my role was very tiny), it was still exciting and 3 days later I’m still buzzing.

To all those people who think being an actor is all glitz and glamour, that one day you’ll be famous and you’ll be invited to all the big parties and get loads of free things and wear beautiful dresses, walk down red carpets and have fans screaming your name; I need to tell you now you need a reality check. Working on set is damn hard and it is tiring and draining.

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Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages 7

This piece is from a writing exercise where I tried to write an opening to a story without a character making an appearance.

It was a normal cold January morning. The traffic from the rush hour had started to die down and there were less cars on the road. The temperature that had previously been -2 degrees was now rising at was at a steady 1 degree.

The wind danced upon the trees, making the leaves shiver as it passed by. Shop shutters were opening and the street lights were turning off.

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Lying Stars

The stars are liars.

They lure you in with their twinkling, willing you to wish upon them so that they can grant you these dreams.

But in reality they are feeding on them, growing fatter and fatter, shining brighter and brighter, growing stronger and stronger.

They need your wishes so they can keep on existing.

There was never any intention on blessing you with these wishes, these hopes and dreams that you hold so close to your heart.

Instead they sit high up in the sky, laughing at you, their brightness twinkling, lulling you in with their false tales.