It didn’t feel real and yet it was. As soon as I looked into his eyes I knew.

His whole world had just been crushed, the rug had been pulled from underneath his feet.

I rushed over to him and put my arms around him. He squeezed me hard and lay his head on my shoulder. I felt his hot tears, as they fell onto the back of my neck.

All 5 foot 11 of him shook, as the grief that he had been holding in tore through him and was finally released.

I wanted nothing more than to be there for him. He was always there for me; doing the littlest things to make sure I was happy. Now it was my turn. I would be there. Be the rock that he needed, but I felt helpless. I knew nothing I could say would make it better. He would never be the same again.

All I could do was be there for him. Help him through this painful time. Be the ear that he needed and open arms.

I would make sure that he would never be alone. I would be here for him. I wasn’t going anywhere.


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