The intensity was building up.

I was a pressure cooker without the steam being let out.

I wanted to be anywhere but here but I had made the choice to do this.

I was surrounded by too much noise. I couldn’t silence the chatter inside of my head.

This was too much. But I didn’t want it to be. How had I let it all build up?

Why was it building up so fast.

I knew it would be intense, but I didn’t know it would be this intense.

The pressure was knocking hard against my temples. I just needed to release. I wanted to scream to kick my legs about.

Break free of the shackles that bound me to this place.

The roar inside of me could not be contained.

I needed to release.

I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths.




The bursts of oxygen whirled around my brain. Massaging the knots that had built up in my shoulders. Caressing my cheeks and letting me know that all would be fine.

I was stronger than this. I would not let it win.

I opened my eyes. I would find a way to overcome this.


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