I am…


I am a black woman.

Words that I never really thought about before.

I was always trying to distance myself from it. Market myself as just a woman.

Why should my race have anything to do with who I am? We are all equal right? Race is nothing other than a social construct?

Ha like fuck it is! Race is real people. I live, breathe, bleed race. I am a black woman.

Now more than ever I truly see the beauty of who I am. I am done living in shadows hiding myself. Self hating. Wishing I was something else. I am done hiding behind my hands and seeing the reality of what is happening in the world. Ignoring it. Pretending that it’s not true. That it’s too far away to affect me. That it’s not my problem.

Well it is! It is real and it is happening. For too long people who look like me, who are like me, have been robbed. Robbed of their opportunity to rise, to live, to exist.

Now more than ever I know who I am. Never again will I hide myself. Try and blend in. I want the world to see me. To see us. To see we.

I am a black woman.

I am black!


3 thoughts on “I am…

  1. katmphotography says:

    i love this. so poignant about the reality of the ignorances faced by many, including myself as a white woman. i think it’s time that the word ‘race’ embrace all humanity. see beyond the colour of skin. it is crazy that we, as humans, have evolved in so many spectacular ways and yet we still cling to defining people by race. it’s ugly. we are one race. the human race.
    defining people by the colour of their skin is ignorant and brutal, and moronic. this is a lovely piece of writing, poignant and ‘real’. it’s time more people opened their eyes to this ugly social construct. it’s done with. we are all one. we are all connected. we are all the same, but we should celebrate the diversity of the human race and each individual should not be defined with such broad terms. we all feel. we all create. we all see things in our own way. we all have a unique voice and dream for our future. the future of the human race is doomed if it continues to define each and every one of us by such terms as skin colour, religion etc. it’s just wrong. i wish it wasn’t like this. i hope, one day, there will be a dawning and people will look back at these despicable days with shame and regret. respect xxx

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