Writer’s Corner: Morning Pages – You

So today I decided that I would start doing writing challenges to get over my slump and writer’s block and be more active with my writing.

Today’s challenge was to write in the second person perspective.

This surprisingly felt very natural, and it was exciting writing in a narrative that I’ve never tried before.


You stand there, in the middle of the floor, the lights from above illuminating your skin. Your eyes burn fiercely as you spot him. “Oh nothing spesh, just chilling at home,” replays in your head as you watch him whining hard on some girl who is the polar opposite of you.

Your heart rate spikes. How could he do this? Why would he lie? The heat of your anger drives you towards the bar, a tall glass of something hard and bubbly will calm you down. Opening your bag you take out his black card, oh yes why should you have to suffer without making him suffer alongside you?

You order the most expensive drink that you can think of and as soon as the bartender slides it your way you gulp it down. The sharpness of the drink burns your throats but you don’t care. You make eye contact with the bartender, non verbal communication tells him that you’re not done yet. Nodding, he takes your glass away and shortly another one appears in its place.

Smiling at your bar mates you gulp this one down too. Slamming the glass down when you are done. You let a small scream escape your lungs.

Impressed, a man who is dressed like something out of an 80’s horror show offers to buy you another. You tell him that you’ve got this and proceed to buy him a drink. In fact you decide to buy everyone at the bar a drink. Doubles.

You’re not gonna allow some dickhead guy, no matter how fine, how successful and how sweet he can be when you’re snuggled on the sofa legs intwined; fuck you up!



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