Imma Star!


Okay, so I’m not a star disclaimer, but the other day I just happened to be on a film set, my first one might I add. (And it was a for a huge feature film, but I won’t say what it was until later).

And though I was not in a starring role, (my role was very tiny), it was still exciting and 3 days later I’m still buzzing.

To all those people who think being an actor is all glitz and glamour, that one day you’ll be famous and you’ll be invited to all the big parties and get loads of free things and wear beautiful dresses, walk down red carpets and have fans screaming your name; I need to tell you now you need a reality check. Working on set is damn hard and it is tiring and draining.

You have to get up really early and sometimes stay on set til the early hours of the morning, you have to stand around for hours, in all types of weather conditions (I was stuck outside in the freezing cold for like 40 mins without a coat and in a thin piece of material in like -2 degree weather), and repeat the same line again and again, until the director is happy with the shot.

The amount of times the director on my shoot called reset (this is when you have to start the scene all over again), feels like it will forever be tattooed in my mind.

However, even though it was hard work, it was fun and exciting and was all in all an amazing experience which I will never forget and it has inspired me to continue on in the mad journey of mine. And just knowing I have the support of my loved ones makes it even that more special.

The excitement they showed me for this small part made me even more determined to continue on.

So thanks X

Zee 😜


2 thoughts on “Imma Star!

  1. I.Ephraim says:

    Well done! ‘Tis only the beginning.

    I loved your account of your experience, something I can also identify with. It’s definitely not all glitz and glamour, it’s more like long and arduous but worth it x

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