Writers Corner: Morning Pages 2

I woke up this morning and this was the piece that came to me.

It was electric when we first met. Electricity poured through the sky and straight into me. I thought that I would die. My skin was all clammy and I was breathless. It’s like I couldn’t feel anything my mind was a ball of nothingness.

All I wanted to do was touch you. Place my hand on yours. Run it across your face. I wanted my lips to touch yours. I wanted to kiss you so bad and explore with you.

But I just stood there frozen in amazement. Taking in all that was you. The way that you smiled. The way that your eyes glistened. The way that you would look down when you thought that no one else could see you. But I saw you.

I saw the real you. Not the mask that you wore but the real you.

I wish that I could take it all away. Build you up from the beginning so that you felt it no longer.

But instead I stand here waiting and watching.

Waiting for the time that it will just be me and you.

The perfect time that I have waited for since I first laid eyes on you.


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