Writers Corner: Dear Mama

Disclaimer this is a monologue I wrote for one of my characters. It in no means reflects how I feel personally.

I know you don’t want me around any more and that all that I am to you now is just a burden.

But today you are free.

I have granted you your one wish and you have used it wisely.

Here is the key to open up your world for a life without me.

You are rid of me now. I will never darken your heart again.

But grant me one favour, before no trace of me is left.

When you think of me please remember the good times and not the bad. Remember the days when you would squeeze me like your life could not go on if you could not feel the beat of my heart close to your own.

Remember that when you would wipe my tears away, your smile would be the only thing that would comfort me.

Remember when we would spend hours making up stupid little stories and sing and dance around the house.

Remember how you were the first person I wanted to tell about all the good things that happened to me.

Please don’t remember that when your words finally took the one last remaining shred of humanity inside of me that I gave in to the dark thoughts.

Don’t think of how your words chopped and chopped at me until they finally knocked me down and slowly dragged the life out of me.

I know it’s not your fault and you just needed your space. But as they lower me into the ground and I become one with the Earth; just know that despite it all.

I love you and I wouldn’t wanted to have had any other .


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