Writer’s Corner: Tired πŸ˜΄

I’m tired of this shit!

Yeah I’m going to be blunt because I’m so fucking tired of wasting tears on this shit. Tears were made to help clear messes from your eyes, not to waste on dumb stupid shit.

I’m so tired of being poor and stuck in dumb situations just because I was not born into a life where I taught that life is more than just getting by.

I was never taught to reach for the stars. Stars were nothing but nuisances lighting up the sky that should have been black.

I was taught to stay in my lane and to not take the road that was less travelled.

I’m a peacock trapped in a cage built for a canary.

I’m so tired of being comfortable yet uncomfortable. I’m done with waiting for that pot at the end of the rainbow because I have been waiting for that fucking pot for the longest fucking time. Rainbows have come and gone and yet my pockets are still empty.

I did everything the right way, pleased every damn person. Everyday I chipped away at pieces of me until I became a walking statue of what they wanted and yet I was still not good enough.

I’m surrounded by people who started of at the top and keep on rising whilst I’m stuck here malting and eating shit for breakfast. I’m tired of people getting more and more whilst I have nothing!

I’m tired of bearing the burden of my mother on my shoulders. Why do I have to suffer because of her mistakes?

I’m tired of this shit.


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