Trying to be bold…

So today I posted a video of me doing a monologue (peep it below); it took a lot for me to upload it so I want to give myself a round of applause and say “Zainab I’m damn proud of ya girl”.

As many people are to themselves, I am the word’s biggest critic of myself. I can’t do anything without a voice in my head saying that it’s crap and it’s not good enough and that is one of the reasons why I hide so many of the things that I do; so I thank God that I had the strength to push that voice deep down inside of me and say fuck it imma post it anyway.

The monologue that I recorded was a short excerpt from the play “Road” by Jim Cartwright and I preformed the character Clare. Now one of the reasons why this monologue holds its place in my heart is because I studied it for my A-Levels and because I have known this monologue for quite a while it is a bit stale and meh so I won’t lie it won’t be the best performance I have ever done, but yeah please don’t be mean and be like well that was shit. Just celebrate in the knowledge that I was able to be brave and share this with you all.


I know I know I’m not looking at the camera but I’m still developing and this is something I have learnt from.

Thank you for your time.

Peace and Love.


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