Mini Review: Black Mirror ‘Nosedive’

It’s finally back!!!

And yes this review will contain spoilers!!

After waiting what felt like forever, Black Mirror is finally back and this time you don’t have to wait a week to see the next episode because they are all available in one place, on that amazing place called Netflix!!!

Nosedive is a world where rating is very important. Everything you do or say gets rated out of 5. The higher your rating, the more opportunities you get and more things are available to you.

Lacie played by the talented Bryce Dallas Howard; begins her journey at a 4.2. She has the perfect life but of course things could be better and she strives to get 4.5 status. After her former best friend Naomie played by Alice Eve, invites her to be maid of honour at her wedding; Lacie learns that the rating system may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

My intial thoughts when the episode first opened were,”Oh no it’s American now!” My heart actually dropped and I was like damn they’ve gone and done a Girl on the Train on us.

I was pissed! In my head I was screaming “So what now you’ve got a big of bag of Netflix money you’ve gone all glossy and American on us where is the grit, where is this thing that made me fall in love with you? Why have you gone fancy on me?!?!”

But thankfully I wrong, even though the production level has stepped up the gear it’s still the Black Mirror we all love.

I mean as soon as I saw my Bae James Norton (yes he is bae, that one time we bumped into each other in Superdrug and we didn’t meet eyes like we should have, and we didn’t instantly fall in love does not mean that he is not bae thank you!); I knew that all was not lost.

This definitely was a great episode. It really made me think about how much improtance we place on getting likes and views on our social media platforms and how every little thing we do has to be documented and that even if we try and deny it we all look for some kind of valedation from others.

This is one of the main reasons why I love Black Mirror, it makes you think about the things in life that we place so much importance on and makes us reflect on just how unimportant they really are.

Oh and kudos to Michaela Coel‎ I loved her scene in the airport you’re killing em.

I’m off to go and binge on the rest.



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