Next Steps

A little while back I let you all in on a dream, a dream that I’ve had since I was a little girl.

A dream that has never left me, even when there have been times where I occasionally believe I’m not worthy of pursung it and then give up on it!

If you want to remind yourself about this said dream have a lil looksy at this post.

Since I let you all into this dream that just won’t let go, what has happened?

Have I worked on ways to get closer to this dream? Have I acheived it?

Well, no, no I haven’t and it’s a mighty shame, because it was such a big step for me to open myself up to everyone like that. It felt like a major weight had been lifted of my shoulders and I felt like I was ready to take on the world.

I was able to take the leap (well slow creep) over the hurdle of ‘letting people know what my dream was and not be scared of allowing people in’. It was a really scary thing for me to do. so it’s really annoying to know that I haven’t been able to climb that next step in order to start living out my dream.

So what’s stopping me? What is stopping me from climbing that next step.


That disgusting, self-destructive, mean inner feeling that stops you from reaching your potential.

So what do I have to be scared of? Why am I scared of doing something that I crave and have wanted to pursue for so long?

I have a fear of failing. I’m scared of people thinking I’m shit and that I’m not good enough.

Silly right? Why do I need validation from someone else, to prove that I have the right to live out my dream?

What I need to learn is how to be more fearless. To not have any worries or cares and do me!

Sometimes in life you have to be shameless. Remember not everyone will like you or what you do. You cannot please everyone and to be fair why should you!


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