PSA: Always Take The Correct Dosage of Medication

So two weeks ago I did a stupid thing.

Before I begin my tale, I want you all to know that I love life! I don’t particularly love the way my life is right now, but I mean who is ever 100 per cent happy with their current situation?

What I do love, is knowing the fact that even though there are mad lows in life, there will always be some good highs in order to balance the bad out.

So here goes nothing!

On this particular morning, I woke up with the world’s most painfullest pain in my lower back.

Now those that know me, know I have what I believe to be a subhuman tolerance to pain. I can be sitting there going through a pain scale of 7/8 with a neutral look on my face; just acting casual and nonchalant.

So the fact I was curled up on the floor, tears streaming down my face, rocking backwards and forwards and praying to God to just put me out of my misery; shows just how much pain I was in.

I tried stretching. Heat pads. Frozen Mediterranean vegetables. Yeah I’m fancy like that you won’t find garden peas in my freezer! Even yoga!

I did literally everything to stop this pain but nothing worked. So I reached out to medical science.

Now boys and girls what follows is a public service announcement about why you should always read the recommended dosage on the back of medicine packets.

To summarise it all in one sentence; I basically took what one would call a cocktail of painkillers and in the process nearly f’ed up my liver.

I won’t say how many I took, because to this day I’m not sure why the hell I took so much and I’m still hella embarrassed; but let’s just say I took a shit load!

I just want to let you know that I did not take all these pills because I’m some kind of drug fiend because I’m not and there is no way that I would ever want to end my life.

I usually know my limit with everything I do ( and no I’m not talking illegal drugs I don’t do them things, I’m just talking about life in general, I usually know when to stop!)

I took these pills because the pain that I was experiencing was just so intense and no matter how many pills I took it just did not seem to go away!

The first thing I did after I realised that I had taken more than the recommended dosages, was to text one of my besties to be like “dude I think I took too much painkillers but I’m okay”. But less than 40 mins later that’s when shit got real! I was getting mad pains in my abdomen.

At first I thought it was hunger, as one usually believes when they are getting cramps in their stomach, so I thought nothing of it and ate some food.


That food set me off the edge.

Cue a night of me throwing up and the feeling of non stop nasuea; I was forced to drink ginger tea and I hate ginger!

Because of my stupidity I had to take a week off work, I had crazy abdo pain and was in and out of doctor surgeries and accident and emergency rooms.

Blood was taken from me, I had an ECG taken which was not as glamorous as it looks on Casualty and a canula stuck in my hand. Which people I can honestly say is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, especially if you have a hate/hate relationship with needles like me. Thankfully because I had thrown up and it was 2 days after the fact, they didn’t have to pump my stomach or shove charchol down my throat.

I was prescribed with some gastro tablets and have only been taking the recommended dosage that the doctor advised me to take. I’m feeling much better and I’m glad to say I’m okay (well here’s hoping).

But I seriously got off lucky. Whilst on my search of the webby I learnt that I could have done some irrepairable damage to my liver and stomach lining. But thank God I didn’t and on this occasion I have been very very lucky. But best believe this is a mistake I will never do again!

I have learnt that the dosage instructions are not enemies of progress and are actually there for a reason and it is very important that you follow them. So I beg and I plead if you have taken something away from my tale today, please let it be that you will not make my mistake and that you follow the instructions on the back of pain killers. They are there for a reason and just because you can buy them in local supermarkets and in pound stores doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them just as serious as the medications that you get from the pharmacist.

On a lighter not I just wanted to say a big thank you to my friends and family who looked out for me during that fateful week.

To mah wiiiiiiife Sarah for the hours you stayed on the phone with me whilst I moaned about waiting rooms and got excited about drinking Gaviscon.

To Marky Mark for both laughing with me and worrying about my stupidity and to T Money for forcing me to get medical help even though I was too scared and embarrassed to go!

To Mims and BK for not judging me and though they both believe I am a raving lunatic they know that I love life and meant myself no harm.

I can with one hand on my heart say I will never ever make this mistake again and will always make sure I stick to the daily dosage.

Thank you for listening to my tale and goodnight!


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