Morning pages

“I know you don’t like socialising,” she continued on, “Well at least not here. I’ve heard you’ve only attended two social gatherings in your whole time here. You didn’t even attend the Christmas party! Who doesn’t attend the Christmas party?!”

“I wasn’t feeling that festive”, I replied.

“What two years in a row? Are you some kind of grinch or what?”

If only she knew. I hated Christmas! Hated it with a passion. I hated that you were forced to spend shit loads of money on people you barely even saw or in fact even liked. You spent weeks fretting about what gifts you had or hadn’t bought, what food you had or hadn’t bought all for one measly day. You spent a whole day off that you could have taken doing Netflix marathons stuck making small talk with family members you hadn’t seen in years; who basically ripped your life apart, and you just had to sit there nodding in your fluorescent green paper hat, whilst they fired shots at you.

“Why are you still single!” Or “Why are you still in that shitty job?” or even better “Do you hate yourself, you must do how anyone can keep waking up in the life that you live amazes me.”

That last one was a more recent quote from my grandma. My 83 year old grandma.

So yeah. I guess I was kinda a grinch.


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