Job Hunting as A Creative :Z

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Okay here goes…

I’m a creative!

I know shock horror, who would’ve thunk it, right?!?

Anyhoo,  as a creative person it can be very frustrating trying to offload the copious amounts of creative projects and various maddening ideas that float across your head, whilst sustaining a pay-check that will allow you to spend time trying to offload the copious amounts of creative projects and various maddening ideas that float across your head.

There is always that dilemma, do you want to be stuck in a full time job which doesn’t allow you to even chip away at your creative projects, but allows you to make the rent and purchase groceries; or do you want to have a flexible crappy lil’ job which allows you to work on those creative projects, however, you can barely buy food and rent puhlease, you will be lucky to sleep on the floor of your parents living room.

This is the age old dilemma of a creative. You want to keep on keeping on with your creative endeavours, but the cry of the real world keeps wanting to put a halt to this.

So what does a creative person do when looking for a job? No this is not a post that will answer this question for you, this is a real cry for help, what does one do?

Is it just me who wants to break down in a flood of tears when jobs such as working as a waiter or call centre operative are the only jobs that flash up at you in bright red letters? No I do not want to serve people food or spend 9 hours a day listening to someone moan about a delivery that was 10 minutes late *sigh*.

Every day I pray and yearn that something will come along that will  allow me to be creative, but also allows me to keep myself afloat.

I guess until that time comes along I will have to continue working in jobs that drive me crazy and working on my creative projects in the dead of night.

Who said the life of a creative was an easy one.


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