Mini Review: Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

batman vs supe
Obviously this is going to contain spoilers. So you have been warned!
Since the film was announced I’ve been in two minds about this movie.
The lil fan girl inside of me was like yay I can’t wait this; I’ve been waiting for two big DC legends to go up against each other for like forever!
However the other half of me was like, ‘Meh’! Man of Steel was such a big let down for the massive superman fan that I am, so I wasn’t jumping for joy when I found out it would be a non-Nolan Batman.
Nevertheless after 4 weeks of the film being out in the cinema, I finally went to see it.
banman vs supe 3

I was soooo happy with the start of the film! I don’t know how you feel when you watch a movie with destruction scenes, but when I do I’m always like:

 “I wonder who will fix up all this mess?”
“How long will it take to get the city back to the way it once was?”
“What would it have been like for the people who were there when all this destruction was going on?”
“How were they affected by all of this?”
“Will life ever go back to normal?”
So how happy was I to see that at least 2 of my questions were answered within the start of the film.
It was amazing to be on the ground floor and being a part of the destruction that was caused in ‘Man of Steel’. It was also a nice crossover seeing that Bruce Wayne was actually a part of the world and he was actually there (off screen of course) in the action of the first film. It also gave a basis of why Bruce was in Metropolis and gave us a standing point to why he hated Superman so much. He was there he saw what Superman’s existence had done to the world.
batman vs supe 2
The one major thing that annoyed me about the film and Man of Steel, was that was just so anti-Superman! Everyone just hates him! He’s not very likable at all. And this makes me sad; as a superman fan (Yes I said it I am a Superman fan! I grew up on Dean Cane in the Adventures of Louis and a Clarke; and I’ve watched all Superman films relate, so Superman was bae in my life for such a long time.)it made me sad to see how they criminalise him. But in a way I guess it was important that he was made to be an outcast, because it makes the world realise exactly how much they actually need him, especially at the end when he died.
batman vs sup bat
Oh whoops did I spoil that for you? I did say that there would be spoilers so more fool to you. *tongue out*
Geek alert- So I’ve been scouring the Internet and they say that the reason why Superman had to die was so that Batman could to assemble the Justice League, hence the cameos from other Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. It gave Batman reasoning to bring the League together.
I wasn’t a massive Batman fan and before you start it’s not because I’m #teamSuperman (well maybe a little), and it’s no disrespect to Ben Affleck because I actually feel like he did a good job. Though, I wasn’t originally too keen when I found out he had been cast, I grew up on the Christian Bale (and Adam West) Batman, so I was like hmm how is Ben supposed to fill these shoes? But he actually did a real good job! The only thing I couldn’t connect with was how chunky he was; Ben put on way too much muscle in my opinion, all throughout the film I was like why the hell is he so big?
But back to the subject in hand. I felt that Batman was just too egotistical for my liking. Yeah he had a cause, the cause that I semi agreed with to an extent. But he got too personal. Like it kinda stopped being because Superman had caused pain and terror to the world, and more about “let me bring down this alien”, “I’m going to be the one that ends this!” Like a gorilla banging his chest.
batman vs sup lex
I loved, loved, loved Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, he plays a psychopath too well lol. He posed a very good point about power though; not all power can be good.

“If God is all-powerful, he can not be good, if God is good he can not be all-powerful!”

All in all I’m not gonna lie, I did enjoy the film, I don’t know if it was more of the geek in me rather than me actually enjoying the film, I mean the story was kinda lacking; however it was a nice way to open up the DC cinematic world and introduce some new possibilities (Marvel is still ahead though #MarveltilIdie).
I’m really excited to see how Suicide Squad compares. Here’s hoping it will good. This is the one I’ve been waiting for.
Random thought: A question that my friend posed was how did people know that Clarke and Superman were both dead, being that they were the same person?  What did they do with the body afterwards? If they took Clarke’s body back to Martha, what proof did the people have that Superman was dead? Let that marinate in your brains lol.
Random thought 2: Who else geeked out when they realised that both Supe and Bat’s mums are both called Martha. I just never thought about that before. Oh sue me I’m a Marvel head after all.

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