Tug o’ war

Your eyes try to stare me down.
You try to challenge me.
Big mistake!

You don’t know me from anywhere. You think cos you have a few years on me that I feel intimidated.


I love a challenge I thrive on this shit.

I hold your glance. I up the tempo of my glare. Your eyes become frosty. You want to blink but you’re just as competitive as me.

I twist the nozzle again and amp it up another notch.

My stare burns deep down into you. I melt down your icy barriers. Strip you of everything that makes you powerful. Until you feel naked. Bare.

I see the muscle at the side of your eye pulse.
Go on give up I jab at you.

I see you weakening. You picked the wrong person to cut your eyes at this is my sport. I am the champion! I am the king of this here game.

Your eyelids flutter under the weight of my gaze.

Dust, light, air, nothing fazes me.

I can go on for ever!

And then suddenly when the pressure becomes too much, you succumb to your mortal weaknesses and your eyes finally close.

You turn your head from me in defeat. The shame stops you from making eye contact again.

Mini chants of victory ring around my head and I smile. I am a winner I am unbeatable.

You flash your eyes at me in annoyance!

Bring it on I smile.


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