When you’re so tired that it hurts to even think about anything else but being tired. Scared that your turning into the reason why you’re so tired in the first place.
You just wanna go outside and sit amongst the grass. The cool breeze of the night sky brushing against your skin lulling you into a false sense of calmness.
You listen to the hurricane that is erupting around you. And you think of ways that you could’ve prevented the storm. But even if you tried to do something there’s no way that you could’ve stopped it anyway.

You think of the days when all was calm. And the sun beamed down on you. Making you feel happy and safe.

The sun don’t shine here no more. It’s grey and gloomy. Always grey and gloomy.

You need to get out of here, leave. Go somewhere where all your cares and worries are nothing but little whispers that bob up and down the sea.

Where your body is lifted up in the air and wrapped up in blankets softer than the clouds in the sky. Where kisses and kind words shine brighter than the most valuable stone.

Somewhere where you feel safe, loved and never unwanted.

A home.


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