Random Thoughts…It’s Good To Talk

I have a really unhealthy habit.

It’s a habit that I really want to get rid of and try and stop doing.

My unhealthy habit is not staying in contact.

I find it really hard to stay connected to people. It’s not a malicious thing at all. I never outwardly think today I’m going to stop speaking to someone and never call them again.

It’s more of a a life getting in the way thing.

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years tick on by  an then suddenly ‘poof’ you realise that it’s been a while since you last spoke to that person and you ponder on how difficult it will be to make that connection again. How you can rebuild that relationship.

This is a battle that I have with myself all the time.

It’s why my circle in life stays relatively small.

But it is definitely something I’m working on. I want to be able to build sustainable relationships and rebuild ones that I have let drift away.

One of the improvements I am pledging for this year is to make sure I keep in contact with people.

Relationships are important y’all.


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