Morning pages part 4

I sat my down in the toilet stall and placed my head in my hands.

God I hated people! I hated people so much. 

Though I considered myself a strong person, sometimes the odd person managed to get the better of me. And I had to rush myself to the toilets to stop myself from crying in front of the others in the office.

In the three years that I had been here. I had only been caught slipping once. And I told myself never again. I have a really ugly crying face, and I don’t want to impose that horror onto anyone.

My eyes turn a deep shade of red, like proper demonic. No matter if I’m crying hard or softly; them red  traffic lights shine on brightly.

Taking a few deep breaths, and trying hard not to inhale the stench that was coming from the middle stall. I tried to compose myself and hold back my tears.

I walked out of the stall and watched my reflection in the mirror. Perfection. No red eyes today.

Suddenly Zoe from HR burst in. She ran into my recently vacated stall and threw up.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Hoping she would say yes. 

I hated when people were sick. I have a knee jerk reaction to it. It makes me wanna vom too.

“No” she answered back wearily.

Great I thought as I walked over to her.

The strong smell of sick hit my nostrils and I gagged.

Zoe was strawn on the floor hair and makeup everywhere.

Grabbing some nearby toilet roll, I ripped some off and began to dab at her face. Wiping away chunks of sick that had not hit the toilet bowl.

“What’s wrong? Food poisoning?”

“No,” she replied “I always get a nervous stomach on days like this.”

Days like this?!?!

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Oh nothing don’t mind me I’m just being silly.” She said trying to brush me off.

She got up and walked over to the sink and washed her mouth.

After a few tossles of her hair. She looked as good as new.

How the hell did she do that.

Just before leaving she looked back at me. A guilty glaze over her eyes and left.

I took another deep breathe and walked into another stall.

Shit, I was being fired.


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