Morning pages part three

Getting up Charlie planted a kiss on my forehead, the ultimate seal of a friend zoned duo.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” He said, “lunch at Bryon’s yeah?”

“Sure,” I replied.

He gave me a cheeky wink, and I watched his tall frame disappear back into the marketing department.

God how did I get myself into these situations? I had narrowly escaped the engagement party by texting Charlie that I had come down with a bad case of food poisoning and to not worry about coming around to see me, but because apparently diarrhoea was highly contagious and plus I was literally stuck to the toilet so I wouldn’t be able to come to the door. 

The embarrassment and the unpaid week of work was so worth me not having to see ditsy Gemma fawn all over Charlie and seeing him proclaim his love for her.

It should be me I screamed in my head! I should be the one looking for the perfect white dress, tasting cake samples and becoming a crazy bridezilla.

The phone rang breaking me out of my rant.

“You are the worst!” Shouted the voice on the other end.

“I’m sorry?” I replied.

“Not you personally, but the company you work for you are the worst”.

Hitting the mute button and taking an extended deep breathe in I sat back in my chair and mentally prepared myself. This was going to be one of those calls.


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