Baywatch Movie Confirmed

This week the best news ever was announced. The Baywatch movie is finally happening!! *power fist to the sky*.

Sorry but I don’t think you know how much of a Baywatch fan I am.

Before we were plagued with endless talent shows on weekend telly, there was Baywatch. A TV show about glamorous lifeguards saving lives on a Malibu beach; I was obsessed. I would even daydream of myself running along the beach with Mitch Buchanan (David Hasselhoff) and Pam Anderson, I even had a character that I created; I was Hobie’s GF obviously.

So when rumours that a movie remake of my beloved series started circulating, I was transfixed.

Now it’s been confirmed you can only imagine how I’m feeling.

Seth Gordon (Identity Thief , Horrible Bosses) has signed on to direct, with The Rock aka Mr Dwayne Johnson confirmed to be both starring in the movie and producing. And if the rumours are true Zac Efron (swoon) will also  star in the movie.

There is now word on whether the Hoff will be making a return, here’s hoping he does cos it wouldn’t be Baywatch without him.

Now all they need is me and the movie will be a hit for sure, now where did I leave my red bathing suit.


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