How to make friends… no seriously how do you make friends?

The question that I pose tonight is why is it so hard to make new friends as an adult?

Cos it’s bloody well hard I tell ya!

I envy kids. Yeah I said it. I’m jealous that kids have the ability to become friends with just about anyone, whilst as an adult I struggle to create new relationships.

Why is it so damn hard?

Where are you supposed to go and meet someone? It’s not like you can just go an walk into a shop and and be like excuse me I’m looking for a new friend; I want to make a connection with someone; they need to be willing to have 4 hour conversations on the phone about nothing; talk with me endlessly about TV;  share my sense of humour and won’t be afraid to embrace my weirdness; and then POW, you walk out with a new friend. It just doesn’t happen!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m friendless. I have some truly amazing friends who I love dearly. The only problem is that they are either too far away or they’re extremely busy. I have no friends that live near me or who are not truly busy.

Can you see my problem? Sad right.

See I’m the kind of person, that if I don’t have something to do I fall into a huge funk and start to wonder what life would be like if I could just wonder over to Zara’s house and have stupid conversations about nothing til 2 in the morning or have Netflix marathons with Adele until our eyes have gone blood red and we can’t take anymore, but will still put ourselves through it. Aaah wishful thinking.

I’m at the wrong end of 20 and I know that I’m not always going to have the option do those things, but that’s just it. I would like to have the option.

So please someone put me out of my misery, how do you make friends?


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