Trailer Time: Entourage

They gone and done it, they’ve finally gone and released a trailer  and an in-film movie poster for the Entourage movie.

Peep the trailer here.

Oh my god! How excited am I? Err more than 110% the grin on my face right now.

Not since the time that I heard they were getting the gang back together, have I been this excited. The Entourage shaped hole that exists in this little binge watcher’s heart has now partially been filled.

Oh how I have missed Drama and his musings, Ari’s anger,Vince’s eyes and smile and even E and his dilemmas.

Serioulsy 2015, needs to come fast cos I can’t wait til this movie is in my life.

But wait on a side note what does Marky Mark say at the end, cos I can’t tell you the amount of times I have rewound it and I still don’t know what he says.

Oh and kudos points for Calvin Harris’s cameo, swoooon!!!


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