The Cheesy Chips Review: The Apprentice – S10 E10 Premium Pudding

Georgie Georgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made em’ cry

The Apprentice 2014

This week it was pudding week; the teams had to create a premium pudding and then go on to pitch it to supermarket giants Asda, Waitrose and Tesco.

Summit’s offering was a tea-infused cheesecake, called Tea Pots, and Tenacity’s a trifle named ‘A Trifle Different’.


I’m just gonna jump straight in and say I’m so happy that team Summit won I mean come on was there really any competition? Summit’s pudding looked like something you could actually see on the shelves, whereas Tenacity’s; PAUSE. I’m sorry, I just want to ask, where they thought they were going with that packaging? I mean it looked like something my 6 year old sister could make up on Paint.

And Katie really? You want to start a food business with Lord Sugar, yet you decide to create a product with large amounts of saffron in it. Why? Why? I mean I’m not a cook or anything but even I know that saffron costs a lot. How are you gonna mass produce something with large amounts of an ingredient that is worth more than gold?

And don’t let me get started on Mark, (cough cough), I felt like screaming Hallelujah up to the heavens, when my man kept clearing his throat all the way through his pitch, he proper choked tonight and I’m glad. Sorry but he needed to be knocked down to size, my man is waaaay too confident in himself, that may sometimes be a good thing, but arrogance runs through this man. It’s sad because in the beginning I actually liked him. But the way he jumped on Sanjay’s idea in the boardroom,  being all snakey like and saying to Lord Sugar that the idea wouldn’t work.I mean who is he though. Seriously can’t wait til he gets fired I will actually be really happy, I’m really hoping he doesn’t become Lord Sugar’s business partner cos he’s way too smug for my liking. Fave moment this week was when Karen brought him down a peg or two when she hit him with the ‘You failed in front of Tesco’ line, that had me laughing for time.

Next up Sanjay, I may not have liked what Mark did to him, but I do feel like he’s definitely a weak link. I mean look how excited he got when he started trash talking Bianca. Talking about her always covering her back, I think he needs to take a look in the mirror, he literally brings nothing to the table and hides under it when his team lose. I’m glad Karen shamed him in the boardroom by exposing what he said.

On a positive note, this week was definitely one for the girls; it was Roisin and Bianca’s time to shine and they really stepped up. Roisin finally stopped shirking in the background, embraced the role of project manager and was able to stir her team to victory. And kudos to Bianca, I mean for weeks we’ve seen a bumpy road full of faults and mistakes but she really rose this week, here’s hoping she continues to build upon this.

Daniel was this week’s lucky one, thank God Lord Sugar moved him to Summit or it definitely would’ve been bye bye Daniel. His pouting in the pitch when Roisin told him not to speak was priceless.

At the end it was Katie and Sanjay that rolled their suitcases, out of the boardroom. I just wish Lord Sugar had made it a hat-trick and Mark had gone too.

So what did you think? Did the right people went? Are you happy with the final 5? Who would you have like to see in the final 5?


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